Cosmetic Dentists

It's important to stay informed! and a very important part of our mission is to continually educate you and ourselves about the latest technology and services. So you know you are getting the best care available, more about the importance of a healthy smile, the better your dental care! What you do before and after you see the dentist has a tremendous impact on the success of your treatment.

Here is some excellent information that will help you with some of the questions you may have about your oral health.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a way of improving your appearance, much as you would use cosmetic surgery or even a new hairstyle. There are now many treatments that can safely and effectively straighten, lighten, reshape and repair your teeth. .All dental treatments are tailored to the individual and your own personal circumstances, requirements and tastes - you can choose how much you would like to spend and how much you would like to change your appearance, from a 'Hollywood' smile through to a more natural-looking smile. Your dentist will take time with you to discuss all the options available and it is important to note that before any course of cosmetic treatment, you should have a good standard of dental health.

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