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Inman Aligners


Discrete adult braces in Kent

If you would like to straighten your cosmetic smile but don’t want to commit to fixed traditional adult braces, then look no further than the Inman Aligner at Roseacre Dental Practice. The Inman Aligner focusses on your front four teeth by guiding them into a straighter and more flattering position, helping you to achieve a straighter smile in a comparatively shorter time than traditional braces.

This clear plastic aligner is virtually invisible and offers discretion without compromising on results, solving problems like crowding and protrusion. Unlike traditional braces that may be a little aggressive or uncomfortable, the Inman Aligner provides a gentle yet constant pressure on your front teeth to ease them into place efficiently and effectively.

  • Inman Aligners specifically target the crowding of the front teeth
  • They are made of a clear plastic to provide discretion
  • Inman Aligners can achieve fantastic results in as little as 6 weeks
  • They can be removed to eat and brush your teeth
  • Inman Aligners can fit around your lifestyle and don’t limit your diet

Inman Aligners are a discrete tooth straightening method that specifically target your cosmetic smile and front teeth, so your treatment will take far less time that it would with traditional braces. Once your treatment journey is completed, you will be provided with a discrete retainer to ensure they remain in their new, straightened position.

If you want to find out more information about Inman Aligners, then contact Roseacre Dental Practice, Maidstone, Kent, today! 01622 730548.

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The results are amazing – I couldn’t be happier

“My family and I have been visiting Roseacre Dental practice for many years now. I’ve always had nothing but great treatment and the staff are friendly. It’s in a beautiful house and the interior decor lovely. My confidence in the practice enabled me to have a brace fitted, which I’d been putting off for years. Miss Heath used a system called Six Months Smile and the results are amazingly – I couldn’t be happier. Thank you x”

-Laura Adkins


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Your patient journey


Roseacre Dental Practice is proud to offer Inman Aligners as a tooth straightening system that specifically targets the front teeth and cosmetic smile. If you are not seeking to address bite issues and purely wish to tackle protrusion or crowing in your front teeth, then Inman Aligners are the solution for you.

At your initial consultation, we will assess your teeth, dental health, and suitability for treatment. Here, we can also estimate your treatment time and your predicted treatment outcome, so you know exactly what you can look forward to! Once confirmed, we will take dental impressions of your teeth which we will use to create your unique Inman Aligners. Once we have received these aligners, a second appointment is required to fit them, so you can begin your journey to straighter teeth. Because this treatment works a little more softly than traditional braces, they come with no need for tooth extraction prior to treatment and little discomfort during. If you wear your Inman Aligner for the recommended 16-20 hours a day, your treatment could be completed within as little as 6 weeks!


Because Inman Aligners can be removed when eating, brushing your teeth, or for the occasional night out, they can offer greater flexibility and comfort than traditional braces. There is no need to limit your diet, stop eating your favourite food, or worry about it getting stuck behind metal wires. Find out what Inman Aligners could do for you at your initial consultation.


About Inman Aligners in Kent

  1. Do Inman Aligners work differently to traditional braces?

    Yes, while traditional braces are applied to the majority of your teeth and can fix biting issues, Inman Aligners specifically target the crowding of your front teeth. If you do not suffer with bite issues but would like straighter front teeth for your cosmetic smile, then Inman Aligners are the solution for you.

  2. Are Inman Aligners comfortable to wear?

    Because your Inman Aligners are specifically made for your teeth, they work to gradually guide your teeth into position rather than tugging and pulling as with traditional braces. They may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but most patients have no problems wearing their aligner once they have adjusted to it.

  3. What are Inman Aligners made of?

    The Inman Aligner has Nickel Titanium springs that gently compress two opposing aligner bows, gradually guiding your front teeth into a straighter position. The retainer is made of a strong, clear plastic that ensures your treatment is discrete and virtually unnoticeable while you are wearing your aligners.

  4. Do Roseacre Dental Practice offer other teeth straightening solutions?

    If the Inman Aligner isn’t suited to your needs, then we are happy to offer alternative teeth straightening systems. We believe in catering to all manners of budget and suitability, so we offer a range of adult braces to ensure we are as inclusive as possible.

  5. Where can I find Roseacre Dental Practice?

    Our practice is situated just outside of Maidstone in Bearsted, Kent, and is housed in a beautiful period building. We offer accessible and flexible appointments, and treatment solutions that are suited to all budgets.