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Dental Implants Overview

Your permanent teeth replacement solution

Roseacre Cottage Dental Practice are a leading dental practice in Kent and are proud to offer dental implants as tooth replacement solutions. Our experienced dentist Matthew Wall is confident that he can provide you with permanent dental implants that will help you to chew, eat, and smile with confidence. All of our implants can be colour matched to your teeth, so any dental implant procedure is discrete and natural-looking.

Dental Implants Maidstone | Tooth Implant Maidstone
Single/Multiple Implants

Whether you are missing one or more teeth, single and multiple implants can offer you an effective tooth replacement solution. Your dental implants can be matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth to ensure they blend in to your smile seamlessly. There is minimal damage afflicted to your natural teeth, making dental implants with Roseacre Cottage Dental Practice a safe and secure way to replace missing teeth.

Implant Cosmetic Dentures

Traditional dentures don’t always feel secure, but implant-retained dentures offer and effective and fixed solution. Unlike traditional dentures, there is no risk of your implant-retained dentures shifting and slipping, and there is no need to limit your diet. You can restore your mouth’s function, regain your confidence, and smile as wide as you please with implant-retained dentures from Roseacre Cottage Dental Practice.

Dental Implants Maidstone | Tooth Implant Maidstone
Complete Implant Smile

If you are missing multiple teeth and require a complete implant smile, we can offer a secure anchor for multiple implants to replace a whole set of teeth. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile, so no matter how many teeth we may need to replace, we can restore your mouth’s function with ease and efficiency.

Implant Consultation

A thorough 30 minute implant consultation will allow you to learn all about your potential treatment and ask any questions you may have. We believe an informed patient is a happy patient, and we look forward to any opportunity that allows us to demonstrate our excellent quality of care and attention to detail.