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Dental implant treatment

Your guide to dental implant treatment at Roseacre Cottage

Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. They provide an array of unique dental-health and aesthetic benefits and can transform your smile with new-found confidence. If you have missing teeth or loose bridges or dentures, then tooth implants could make the difference for you. At Roseacre Cottage Dental in Maidstone, we’re highly skilled in this specialist area and provide a superior dental implant treatment experience from assessment right through to placement and maintenance.

Dental Implants Maidstone | Tooth Implant Maidstone

Our experienced implant surgeon, Matthew Wall, has been successfully placing dental implants for many years. With postgraduate qualifications from The Royal College of Surgeons, skills in oral surgery and further qualifications from the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute in this field, you can be certain you’re in the safest of hands. Matthew carries out single and multiple implants, implant cosmetic dentures and complete smile implants.

We’ve detailed the different steps of the dental implant treatment process below. However, they are a general guideline as we tailor and customise tooth implant treatment at Roseacre Cottage Dental to each individual patient. We’ll talk your bespoke treatment plan through in detail with timings and prices so that you can make a fully-informed decision.

Treatment usually takes place over 3 to 9 months with costs starting from £2,000.* To find out more about the benefits of tooth implants, please click here.

1. Consultation for dental implant treatment at Roseacre Cottage Dental, Maidstone

The first step is to have a thorough 30-minute consultation with our in-house implant dentist, Matthew Wall. Matthew will begin by fully examining your mouth and assessing your oral hygiene. You’ll then have a 3D dental CT scan. As the gold standard in implant treatment, using a CT scanner improves safety and potential outcomes by helping to plan implant placement with pinpoint accuracy. This preliminary consultation and assessment costs £75 which is fully refundable against treatment cost if you decide to go ahead.

2. Dental implant treatment planning

Our implant dentist, Matthew Wall, is highly experienced in planning dental implant treatment to help optimise results. Using images and results from the 3D dental CT scan (carried out during your initial consultation), he will determine optimal position for an implant, how many tooth implants you will need and the quality and amount of bone to place the implant/s into.

At the planning stage, we’ll also look to address any problems with your basic dental health while making any necessary improvements to your hygiene routines. It’s also essential to extract any failing teeth at this point.

3. Dental implant placement

This small surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic for your complete comfort. If you feel especially nervous we can also offer dental sedation. Tooth implants are made of 3 parts – a titanium screw/rod, a connecting part and a crown (the part that looks like a real tooth). During this stage, the screw is placed precisely into your jawbone.

Our implant surgeon begins by making an incision in your gums. Then a small hole is drilled into the bone with a specialised drill. Using an alignment pin, the screw part of the tooth implant will be inserted into the hole. The site is then stitched with self-absorbing stitches.

Dental Implants Maidstone | Tooth Implant Maidstone
4. Healing and integration

Tooth implants can take from 6 weeks to 6 months to fuse with your bone. We’ll fit temporary replacement teeth, bridges or dentures to avoid obvious gaps during this time.

When our implant dentist is satisfied that integration is established, he will fit the permanent crown, bridge or cosmetic denture onto the implant. The crowns or bridges are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect match in shape, size and colour. We’ll also check your bite to make sure that the implant feels comfortable and correct.

5. Long-term care and maintenance

One of the great benefits of dental implants is that you can care for them as you would your normal teeth. At the same time, dental implants are just as vulnerable to the decay and deterioration caused by neglect as natural teeth are. It’s essential to brush twice a day and floss once a day following the guidelines we provide when your tooth implant treatment is complete. You’ll also need to attend all check-up and hygiene appointments.

*Individual timings may vary.