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Broken teeth

Do you suffer from broken or worn teeth?

One of the main causes of broken or worn teeth is bruxism, which is tooth clenching and grinding, a condition that affects more than 10 million adults in the UK. Bruxism is often stress related and, as well as tooth wear and breakage, it can lead to disorders of the jaw (pain and limited movement), headaches and migraines. Children and adults can be affected but it is most common in 25-44 year olds.

Expert care

Please don’t suffer in silence - talk to our dentist, Simon Courtney, who has a special interest in bruxism and can provide specialist splints and mouth guards that are custom-made to relieve the symptoms and prevent further damage to the teeth. By taking simple and cost-effective steps we can help you by reducing or even eliminating the pain, without the need for medication.

Signs can include:

  • Waking up with a headache, earache, jaw or facial pain that eases during the day
  • Worn and broken teeth
  • Increased tooth sensitivity, flattening, cracks or broken fillings
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Disrupted sleep


  • Relieve symptoms with custom-made splints and mouth guards
  • Broken or worn teeth can be replaced with crowns
  • Our Emax all-ceramic crowns are incredibly strong & blend in seamlessly
  • Aesthetic tooth bonding can repair teeth in a single visit
  • We have a range of affordable options