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Maintaining dental health through preventative care in Kent

Good dental health requires at-home care and attention, but ensuring great dental health includes regular visits to your dental hygienist. Recent studies have shown that your gum health not only affects your teeth, but increasingly your heart and inflammatory conditions like diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and even some cancers. It’s never been more important to regularly see your hygienist!

Our dental clinic in Maidstone can provide treatments like a deep clean and polish, plaque removal, and the treatment and management of gum disease. Our dental hygienists at Roseacre Dental Practice are perfectly placed to provide valuable oral health education and advice and can help maintain your teeth and gums so that you may continue to smile bright and wide.

Advantages of visiting a dental hygienist in Maidstone:

  • Your dental hygienist will regularly assess your gum health and homecare routines
  • We can remove hard bacterial plaque from all teeth surfaces
  • We provide support on tools and techniques for effective at-home plaque removal
  • We can ensure and advise on great gum and dental health to avoid the risk of future dental treatment
  • Our dental hygiene care can help keep your body healthy, too!

Our specially trained dental hygienists provide thorough 30-minute appointments to ensure you leave our dental practice with squeaky clean teeth. Hygienists are educated alongside dentists for most of their training, so they have an in-depth knowledge of how best to treat and clean your teeth and gums to prevent gum disease and decay.

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I would, and have recommended this dentist surgery again and again!

“I always had a huge fear of the dentist but since going to the Roseacre dental surgery, I happy go along for a check up once a year and a visit to the hygienist twice a year. Everyone is so friendly and the treatment I receive is so professional. I always feel very well looked after and can honestly say I am always more than happy to go to the dentist (something I never thought I’d say!) Thank you especially to Lyndsey and Phoebe who I personally see. These two ladies always put me at ease and talk everything through with me. I would, and have recommended this dentist surgery again and again!”

-Jenni Rawlinson


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    Your patient journey


    Roseacre Dental Practice is one of Kent’s leading dental and cosmetic practices, established for many years in beautiful Maidstone. Our highly skilled dentists are proud to champion preventative dental care through a combination of regular examinations, quality dentistry, and advise on at-home techniques.

    We offer comprehensive services spanning general dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, teeth straightening options, and facial aesthetics. Our wide range of talents allows us to provide expert in-house services performed by our experienced and trusted staff. We believe in making your time with us as comfortable as possible and always strive to be mindful of budgets, tailoring our solutions for all.


    It is our top priority to make your visit as comfortable as possible, so we always allow plenty of time for your appointment. Our attentive care ensures that we understand and empathise with our patients’ needs and questions, so you can receive the best treatment for you.


    About your Dental Hygienist Appointments in Kent

    1. Why is it important to see my dental hygienist?

      It’s important to schedule regular appointments with your dental hygienist so that we can best maintain and monitor your dental health. Our specially trained dental hygienists at Roseacre Dental Practice can help detect the early signs of gum disease and help to prevent and treat it, as well as professionally and thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent bad breath and bacteria deposits. Regular appointments with your dental hygienist in Maidstone can also help brighten your smile, as we can remove the build-up of plaque and superficial staining that can dull your teeth.

    2. Can my dental hygienist detect serious health problems?

      Regular appointments with your dental hygienist in Maidstone can not only brighten your smile but detect serious health problems and diseases. Poor dental and gum health has been linked to the development of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory problems. Your dental hygienist is trained to spot these warning signs and to advise care to best maintain your health. At Roseacre Dental Practice in Kent, we can also screen for the early signs of mouth cancer and advise you on prevention.

    3. Do I have to see my dentist before my dental hygiene appointment?

      Not at all, we now fully support direct access to our dental hygienists. Our hygienists can now treat patients without prior examination by a dentist, so we are happy to welcome patients who only wish to see their dental hygienist without registering with one of our dentists. If our dental hygienists identify any areas of concern or feel that visiting your dentist would benefit you, then they will advise on your best course of action.

    4. Can I join a monthly dental care plan?

      Our monthly dental care plans start from as little as £12.22 a month for adults and help spread the costs of hygiene and dental treatments. You can now receive 20% off any necessary dental treatment fees, amongst other perks! Find out more about starting your Dental Plan and discover the benefits of joining Roseacre Dental Practice, Maidstone.

    5. Where can I find Roseacre Dental Practice?

      Our dental practice is housed in a beautiful period building, just outside of Maidstone. We offer accessible appointments 6 days a week, and treatment solutions suitable for all budgets.