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Nervous Patients


Comfortable and compassionate dental care in Kent

At Roseacre Dental Practice, we put our patients’ comfort and confidence first. We understand that some of our patients may find the dentist a daunting experience, which is why we strive for empathy and understanding at all times. Dental phobia is extremely common, and many people sacrifice their dental health because of it, but our unhurried and expert care is sure to set you at ease.

We understand that everybody has different needs and concerns, so our experienced and supportive dental team will give you as much time as you need to create a positive relationship with us.

  • You are welcome to visit us and have a look around before booking your first appointment
  • All of our appointments are calm, comfortable, and unhurried
  • We will ensure you are fully informed every step of the way
  • You are in control of any treatment, so we can stop at any time
  • We can offer sedation solutions if they are necessary

For particularly nervous patients, we can offer intravenous sedation. This kind of conscious sedation will be administered by our dentist, Lyndsey Beecroft, who is especially skilled in welcoming nervous patients. Lyndsey and her experienced sedation nurse, Christine, will work alongside your usual dentist so you are well cared for and monitored at all times.

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Roseacre Dental Practice Kent

I would certainly recommend Roseacre Dental Practice to my family and friends

“I have been visiting Roseacre Dental Practice for over 5 years. Lyndsey is my dentist and she make me feel relaxed in the chair and explains procedures so that I fully understand. As I get older I get more nervous about visiting the dentist as I know there maybe problems, however, in Lyndsey,s capable hands my teeth are healthy and well looked after. The staff at Roseacre are pleasant and happy and always make you feel at ease. I would certainly recommend Roseacre Dental Practice to my family and friends.”

-Stella Brookman


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Your patient journey


Roseacre Dental Practice is happy to offer a sedation option for particularly nervous patients where appropriate. We understand that visiting the dentist isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but we want to try our best to make each appointment more comfortable than the last. We can even offer IV sedation to nervous patients worried about their treatment.

Intravenous sedation relaxes you throughout the treatment, so you can feel calm and at ease during your procedure. Your procedure will often feel like it has only taken minutes, which often allows for complex dentistry to be performed to completion in just one visit. After your treatment, the effects of IV sedation wear off quickly, so you can rest and recover unencumbered.


It is our top priority to make your visit as comfortable as possible. You can come and visit our practice before you book your first appointment and meet our friendly team members so that you are acquainted with how we at Roseacre Dental Practice work. We always allow plenty of time for appointments to ensure that our patients leave safe, satisfied, and unhurried. We endeavour to not only understand, but to empathise with our patients’ concerns, questions, and desires, which helps make certain that you will receive the best care possible.


About nervous patients in Kent

  1. How common is dental phobia or dental anxiety?

    Dental phobia is extremely common. One in four people dreads visiting the dentist and some patients put off their appointments altogether, risking their dental health. We would hate to think of someone’s dental health deteriorating because they have had previous bad experiences with dentists. We strive to make every visit better than your last and to ensure your comfort and confidence in our care.

  2. Does Roseacre Dental Practice support nervous patients?

    Of course! We want everyone to feel as confident in our care as we do, and we would love an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. You can meet our team before you book an appointment and visit our beautiful practice so that you can feel at ease when you come for treatment. All of our appointments are unhurried and thorough, ensuring you have plenty of time to understand any recommended treatment and find answers to all the questions you may have. Our main priority is to instil trust and confidence, and make certain you are comfortable, before we think about discussing a treatment booking.

  3. How safe is dental sedation for nervous patients?

    Lyndsey Beecroft, our experienced dentist, is also a member of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD) and is our very own in-house sedation expert. When under the sedation you are conscious, but extremely relaxed and calm, so much so that you may feel like your procedure is over within minutes. Lyndsey and her nurse, Christine, will be present for the duration of your treatment to ensure your safety and to monitor your progress, so you really will be receiving the most attentive care.

  4. Can I join a monthly dental care plan?

    Our monthly dental care plans start from as little as £12.22 a month for adults, making our dental care plan accessible to all. On our plan you can spread the cost of hygiene and dental treatments, receive 20% off any necessary dental treatment fees, and plenty of other attractive perks.

    These are accessible to all, starting from as little as £12.22 a month for adults, and help spread the costs of hygiene and dental treatments. You can now receive 20% off any necessary dental treatment fees, amongst other perks! Find out more about starting your Dental Care Plan and discover the benefits of joining our dental practice.

  5. Where can I find Roseacre Dental Practice?

    Our practice is situated just outside of Maidstone in Bearsted, Kent, and is housed in a beautiful period building. We offer accessible and flexible appointments, and treatment solutions that are suited to all budgets.