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Dental Implant Consultation

Dental Implant Consultation

Expert care from our experienced dental implant dentist in Maidstone, Kent

At Roseacre Dental in Maidstone, Kent we understand that dental implant treatment can represent quite an investment, which is why we provide a thorough 30-minute consultation. This will give you the opportunity to ask our experienced implant dentist Matthew Wall any questions you may have, find out more about your individual treatment plan, and an estimate of pricing for your treatment.

Dental implants are a great way to permanently replace gaps in your smile and restore the feel and function of natural teeth to your mouth. Most patients are suitable for tooth implants, though some may need a little more support than others, so your initial consultation at Roseacre Dental, Maidstone, Kent will help us plan your individual treatment journey based on exactly what you need.

  • Dental implant consultations are conducted by dental surgeon Matthew Wall
  • Excellent patient care ensured from a dedicated dental team
  • Dental implant consultations are available for all dental implant treatment options
  • Initial dental implant consultations cost £75, which is returned after treatment
  • Dental implants are a permanent solution to single or multiple missing teeth

Our dental implant consultations are thorough and informative, so you can rest assured you will be receiving the highest standard of dental care. If you have been considering dental implants in Maidstone as a solution to single or multiple missing teeth, then please get in touch by filling out a bookings form or by calling our team on 01622 730548.

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Really pleased with the end result

“Brilliant dentist practice. I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received this past few years. I had an extraction and two implants done last year and the whole process went like clockwork. Really pleased with the end result, thanks.”

-Steve Buck


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    Your patient journey


    Our patient’s comfort and confidence in our care is of the highest importance to our team at Roseacre Dental Practice, which is we why provide a thorough 30-minute consultation. Our very own dental implant dentist, Matthew Wall, will examine your mouth carefully and take care to listen to your individual needs and concerns regarding your dental implant treatment.

    A 3D dental scan will be taken of your jaw and teeth to ensure that your implant placement is precise, safe, and effective from its first conception. This allows Matthew to be able to see with pinpoint accuracy exactly where the treatment area is and how best to approach it. From here, Matthew will best advise you on your treatment journey.

    Your initial implant consultation costs just £75, which will be returned to you if you opt for treatment.


    Matthew has been successfully placing dental implants for many years and has achieved postgraduate qualifications from The Royal College of Surgeons and the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, so you can be assured of the highest quality of care. Your initial consultation will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out more about our excellent quality of care, expertise, and treatment outcomes.


    About Single & Multiple Dental Implants in Maidstone, Kent

    1. Why should I replace missing teeth?

      Replacing a missing tooth in Maidstone can benefit your dental and oral health and help avoid future complications. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant ensures the surrounding teeth are supported, preventing them from moving into the gap and causing problems with your bite. Your surrounding teeth will begin to exert and absorb more pressure from chewing, increasing their wear and tear, and can affect your ability to eat and chew as well as your cosmetic smile.

      Also, by leaving a gap in your teeth, you leave more gum exposed and susceptible to damage. This can heighten the likelihood of you contracting gum disease, which will lead to discomfort and further dental treatment in the future.

    2. What are dental implants?

      Dental implants in Maidstone are a permanent and cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth. Your dental implant will come in two parts: the root, and the crown. The artificial root is made from ultra-pure titanium and placed in the jaw. This will eventually fuse with the jaw bone, creating a strong and sturdy foundation for your tooth replacement. The crown, the part of the dental implant that looks like a tooth, is fitted onto this root and is created to perfectly match your existing teeth in colour and shape.

    3. Who will perform my dental implant placement?

      Our very own Matthew Wall has a special interest in dental implant placement and has gained post-graduate qualifications from The Royal College of Surgeons and the Eastman Dental Institute. He has been placing dental implants for many years and is confident in his ability to safely treat all suitable patients.

    4. Can anyone have dental implants?

      Dental implants in Maidstone are suited to most patients, but sometimes they may not be the best treatment option for you. At your initial dental implant consultation we can assess your suitability and discuss further treatment options should we need to.

    5. Are there sedation options for dental implants?

      Dental implant placement is a minor surgical procedure that has been performed for many years with an excellent success rate. The implant procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, but we do offer dental sedation for those that desire it.