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11th January 2018

4 ways dental implants improve my patient’s quality of life

by Matthew Wall

At our busy 5 Surgery Private Dental Practice in Maidstone, Kent, we are noticing an increasing number of requests for dental implants.  Whether it be to replace a single missing tooth, a group of several teeth, or a full set of dentures, our patients are looking to dental implants to fulfil their needs.
According to our patient’s, here are the top 4 benefits of having dental implants:

They improve your ability to eat, speak and laugh:

Dental Implants give back the benefits and sense of security that come with having strong healthy teeth. You can bite with confidence into that apple, chat away freely and laugh again with ease.

They allow you to feel carefree with friends, family and in public:

As implants are fixed and don’t move around, you can feel confident and carefree once again while interacting with people – whether it’s a business discussion, chatting freely with friends and family, or simply enjoying the pleasure of a kiss.

They lift your appearance and you can smile with confidence:

A natural-looking implant-retained full denture not only gives you back a confident smile, it also transfers the chewing power back to the jaw bone. This is vital for healthy bone stimulation and maintains the shape of your face.
A single implant-retained tooth also enables the continuing health of neighboring teeth, which again supports your natural appearance.

You can enjoy life without pressure sores and instability:

Whether fixed or removable, an implant-retained full denture is the best choice, providing a natural look and a high level of comfort. Conventional options like removable dentures quite often cause irritation, pressure sores and in many cases they can move around when eating or talking.
Implants are more than just a dental solution.  They mean an improved quality of life.

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