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5th April 2017

5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

What are the first things that come to mind when we ask you what you think the benefits of teeth whitening might be? You might tell us that your smile will look nicer and that would be true. Or, you might tell us that you’ll finally be rid of those annoying tooth stains that have been bothering you whenever you look in the mirror? That would also be true.
However, do you know the real advantages of having more attractive, healthier-looking teeth? You might be surprised to learn that research has shown whiter teeth should make you look younger. This is because our teeth naturally yellow and collect stains with age. When we remove these age-related stains, our smiles may rejuvenate us.
A rejuvenated appearance makes us more likely to be promoted at work and more likely to be found attractive by potential partners. You might believe that progressing in your career, simply because you look younger than a similarly-skilled co-worker isn’t fair, and you’re probably right, but research suggests that this happens frequently. Plus, a great smile is a feature that can make up an employer’s mind.
Here at the Roseacre Dental practice in Kent we use leading tooth whitening agent Opalescence. This is a home kit which will be medically supervised by us and comfortable to wear because we’ll custom make the trays to fit your individual set of teeth.
Feel free to buy one of the many tooth whitening products you can find on the high street, or online, but we know that Opalescence, which can only be prescribed by your professional Kent dentist actually works. You will have one treatment, which will last for up to 2 years and not have to waste money buying multiple packets of an unfamiliar brand simply to get any result at all.
We also know how safe Opalescence is to use, because our professional dentists will be guiding you through the whole process. We’ll be available whenever you have any questions, rather than leaving the application of the bleaching agent up to chance and your ability to interpret the instructions on the side of the packaging.
Let’s review what makes Opalescence tooth whitening treatment from our Kent dental practice such a good idea.

  1. Whiter teeth can help you look healthier and younger, giving you greater potential to do well in your career and your love life.
  1. Our teeth whitening treatment should produce great results first time, lightening your teeth by several shades and lasting for up to 2 years.
  1. Opalescence uses potassium nitrate and fluoride to penetrate your tooth enamel and whiten your teeth in a safe way. Care has been taken to reduce sensitivity, a common side-effect of tooth whitening.
  1. The Opalescence gel has been reported to strengthen tooth enamel in some places, helping keep fragile teeth in one piece.
  1. Almost 1 in 2 people believe that the smile is the feature they remember most about a person. A great smile is vital for creating a great first impression.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about Opalescence, tooth whitening, or any other other cosmetic dental treatments, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to book you in for a consultation at our Kent practice and give you a chance to see how an enhanced smile has the potential to transform your life