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15th July 2019

Are Dental Implants Worth Having?

Dental implants stereotypically fall under the bracket of cosmetic surgery, and while they aren’t a necessity for everyone, dental implants can provide tremendous benefits if you do require them. Most people know the benefits of other dental procedures such as fillings and root canals, but tooth implants have created a solution for many dental problems and we at Roseacre Dental break down why we think it is worth having them.

Long-lasting Dental Implants guaranteed

Tooth implants are definitely worth the investment if you’re seeking to replace a missing tooth with a treatment option that could last for a lifetime. Dental implants are made of strong materials like rooted titanium and porcelain, so they are very sturdy and strong. With the correct care, dental implants could end up lasting you a lifetime without the need for replacing components or the fussy maintenance of dentures. We find that a lot of patients are surprised with how reliable they can be and how they can provide a more relaxed lifestyle.

Dental implants are fitted and permanent

Because their titanium root invites the jawbone to heal around it, they form an incredibly strong foundation in your jaw meaning that you’re set for life. Tooth Implants don’t budge, dislodge or come loose when performing the simplest of tasks such as eating, speaking, and laughing. A lot of patients feel a sense of security when assured they won’t be stopped in doing everyday tasks and realise comparing it to dentures that it may be the better option instead of having to deal with glues, refitting, and constantly taking the dentures out daily.

Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy

Once your dental implant has been set and installed, your root informs the jawbone that the tooth is still there, and its strength is still required which would stop if you lose a tooth for good. If this were to occur, it would mean that your jawbone can become weak, threatening the rest of the area’s teeth and bone but also softening your facial structure. Tooth implants aren’t just worth it to fill a gap, but also to continue your jawbone health and avoids having to undertake extra steps which were not previously entertained.

What’s next?

Overall, we at Roseacre Dental believe that tooth implants are the way forward and would strongly ask for you to consider after reading this blog whether it may be suited to you. You can do so by popping into our practice in Maidstone today to get your tooth implant journey started. For more information, please get in touch with us via our contact page or call us on 01622 730 548 and one of our friendly teams will be delighted to help you.