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12th March 2018

How braces can be beneficial for sleep apnea

People with sleep apnea are 4 times more likely to suffer a stroke and the disorder has also been linked to heart disease. It has even been reported that 38,000 deaths a year may be related to the condition; that’s how serious it is!
If you don’t know what sleep apnea involves, but you’re also wondering why you feel tired all the time, you could be a sufferer. There is believed to be a percentage of the UK population who have reported the symptoms of sleep apnea but are yet to receive an official diagnosis.
People with sleep apnea experience interruption to their breathing patterns when they sleep. When they’re unconscious, with the walls of their throats relaxed, their airways become restricted, causing them to stop breathing for several seconds. Anyone sharing the bed with a sufferer will be aware of when this is happening due to loud snoring and loud gasping sounds. This condition deprives sufferers of deep sleep and prevent them from gaining a decent night’s sleep.
The Sacramento Dental Group have recently pointed out that as, in some cases, sleep apnea is caused by imperfect arches; a condition that can be cured with Invisalign braces, this alignment treatment can solve sleep apnea problems as well as provide you with a beautiful new smile! Do you suffer from sleep apnea and would also like straighter teeth, then why not book yourself in for a consultation with our dentist here in Maidstone to discuss the possibility of you wearing braces? We are a proud Invisalign provider and can help you achieve both of these goals; to sleep better and enjoy straighter teeth.

How do Invisalign braces work?

Unlike fixed braces, the Invisalign system consists of clear thermoplastic trays that are worn over the teeth of the upper and lower jaws to bring the teeth into a more attractive alignment and give you a beautiful new smile. Several different trays will be fitted during the course of your treatment with each of them custom made to provide you with an exact fit. Each tray has its own role in the journey of your teeth.
The braces are removable so you will be expected to take them out before you eat your meals and before you clean your teeth. This means that as well as being discreet, due to their transparent nature, you won’t feel socially awkward when you go out for a meal with friends, because you won’t even be wearing the braces. In order to be compliant with the treatment and gain your new smile in the expected time frame, you’ll need to wear the braces for 20 hours in every 24 hour period.
Want to find out if Invisalign braces can improve the look of your teeth and help with your sleep apnea? Please give our Maidstone team a call to book your consultation. We’ll be able to assess your teeth and show you how they could look following Invisalign treatment.