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9th March 2019

CT scans now available at Roseacre for more precise treatment planning!


We are delighted announce that Roseacre Dental is now equipped with a CBCT scanner.

“Hooray,” we here you say…. “what’s a CBCT scanner when it’s at home?!” 

A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scanner, (bit of a mouthful we know) is more commonly described as a CT scanner.  The scanner uses x-rays to generate a digital image of bone structure, nerve pathways and teeth. The computerised image can be manipulated to be viewed from any perspective. This enables us to take precise measurements from multiple angles, so we can then plan complex treatment, such as implant surgery with much greater precision.

“What’s the Cone Beam?”

The Cone shape of the x-ray beam allows us to focus in on the specific area we are interested in, meaning levels of radiation can be kept as low as reasonably possible.

On average, the radiation dose from one dental CBCT scan will be equal to about 10-12 days of background radiation, which is only just slightly higher than for standard dental x-rays.  In cases where a CT scan is required, the benefits that come from highly accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning far outweigh the risks from the limited radiation exposure.

Our new CT scanner can also be used to take excellent quality 2D images which can provide an overview of the teeth, bone, joints and sinuses.  All in all it’s one really useful new diagnostic tool.  Matt particularly is beyond excited about this latest bit of kit!

If you would like to know more about our new scanner, or you are a Dentist who would like to refer a patient to us for a CT scan please email us at