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26th November 2014

Discover how Roseacre could be your lifelong partner in health!

Would you like peace of mind that you are being looked after when it comes to your dental and general health?
Here at Roseace Cottage Dental our team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimum dental health and general wellbeing.
What risks are there to your general health if your oral health is neglected?
Poor oral health can affect your ability to eat, speak and socialise with confidence as well as increasing the risks to your overall health.   Problems interlinked with your oral health could include…

  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory disease

How can our team help you to reduce the risks?
At Roseacre Cottage we can provide you with a Dental health routine which is tailored to your needs to keep you as healthy as possible, this will include:

  • Regular appointments with your dentist to prevent dental problems from occurring and reduce the risk to your general health.

Our 12 point Dental Health Check will ensue that any potential or existing problems are detected and addressed quickly.

  • Regular appointments with our new hygienist. 

A 30 minute appointment with our hygienist dedicated to working with you to maintain the best possible homecare routine through advice and regular removal of hardened plaque deposits giving you a fresh, clean and healthy smile.

For peace of mind regarding your dental wellbeing ask a member of our reception team about our membership schemes today!  Call 01622 730548 or visit our contact page.