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17th September 2019

Do Dental Implants Break?

In short, if you’re not careful, your dental implants could break. It’s important to understand that they feel and function just like your natural teeth and are specifically designed to do so, so just like your natural teeth they become vulnerable. This is why it’s important you follow aftercare guidelines and are mindful of how you treat your dental implants and we at Rosecare Dental go through a few prevention tips and how they can break.

How your dental implants could break

Your dental implants come in three parts: the titanium root fixed in your jawbone, the connective abutment, and the dental crown that resembles a real tooth. All 3 of these components can break and come under strain if you’re not mindful, so let’s take a look at why and how.

Your crown and abutment won’t break from just eating a meal, because they’re built to withstand this kind of normal day-to-today pressure. However, certain bad habits like tearing open packets with your teeth, cracking open bottles, and biting through plastic labels will need to stop if you want to keep your implants from breaking. This kind of acute pressure between a resistant material and your dental implants endangers them almost immediately, possibly leading to a cracked crown or a dislodged abutment.

Your dental implants themselves, the titanium screws in your jawbone, can fail if they’re not given the adequate amount of time to heal after placement. This is because the jawbone hasn’t properly fused with the metal root yet.

Steps to take to avoid breaking your dental implants

  • Don’t chew ice or eat very hard foods like crusty bread
  • Speak to your dentist if you have a history of clenching your teeth
  • Don’t use your teeth to bite through plastics and other materials
  • Don’t over stress your roots

Fix a broken dental implant

When a crown or abutment is broken, we can simply remove this component and replace it with a new tooth implant. If the root itself fails, then we will need to remove and replace it entirely. Some patients may require bone work if this happens, which will delay the restoration process but is entirely necessary.

Dental implants in Maidstone

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