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12th May 2016

Do stained and discoloured teeth lower your confidence?

Teeth Whitening could be the solution.

Teeth whitening in Kent is more popular than ever. Stop anybody on the street with perfectly white teeth and ask them how their life has changed since they had the treatment and you might be surprised by the answer. When you feel self conscious about something, this embarrassment can affect how you live you life.
If you’re seriously overweight, you’re less likely to wear your bikini with confidence at the beach or swimming pool, if you get teased for being too hairy, or not hairy enough, this might well affect how you dress and if you have discoloured teeth you’re more likely to shy away from photographs, dating and laughing with your mouth open.

Teeth whitening is fast and effective.

Stained, discoloured teeth ocure over time, due to a number of different reasons. Tea and coffee will change your natural tooth colour, as will wine, curry and smoking. The good news is that unlike changing your weight, having your teeth whitened is very easy to achieve. You simply need to book yourself an appointment here at our dental practice in Maidstone.

Here at the Roseacre Dental clinic, we use the Opalescence whitening system. This professional whitening system will brighten your teeth, turning them a natural shade of white rather than yellow, grey or brown. The effects will last up to two years, is carried out by experienced dentists and is entirely safe. It’ll provide a much more effective brightening appearance than a basic polish.

Teeth whitening removes troublesome stains

You might have had some stubborn tooth stains for many years. Streaks and localised stains can occur around chipped or damaged teeth, but whitening gel, such as Opalescence, can turn all teeth white again; healthy and damaged. A positive side effect of the whitening process is a loss of sensitivity. If your teeth are sensitive to temperature, professional teeth whitening, will make them less so.
It is possible to buy tooth whitening products over the counter, but they will have a much milder effect than a professional treatment, given that they need to be safe enough for anybody to use them at home. A professional dentist with relevant training and experience has the knowledge and qualifications to provide a more effective treatment, that is simply not available to the general public.

The effects of teeth whitening

Once you receive teeth whitening in Maidstone, you’ll have the confidence to smile and laugh without worrying about showing your teeth. When you’re out with a group of friends, you won’t need to keep an eye out for the camera with a view to avoiding it, as you’ll have the confidence to pose naturally along with everybody else. If you’re planning to go on some dates, your self esteem will be naturally boosted.

Want to see what a difference teeth whitening can make to your life? Get in touch with our friendly, professional team here in Kent. They’ll be able to explain the procedure in more detail and find you the most convenient appointment time. We look forward to hearing from you.