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1st April 2019

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening is a super popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, so popular in fact that it has seen companies cut corners in their products. There are a number of at-home methods of teeth whitening, though whether they work or are actually good for your teeth remain to be seen (and in some cases, we already know they’re not great). Does whitening treatment cause sensitive teeth, and is there a treatment that doesn’t cause pain and discomfort?

Home teeth whitening

There has been a boom in home teeth whitening products that are supported by influencers and online personalities. They’re made to look simple, easy, and incredibly effective, but they could actually be doing more harm than good.

Charcoal toothpastes have been pedalled as an easy at-home teeth whitening system and it has become one of the latest non-prescription and readily available methods online. However, charcoal toothpaste can actually damage your natural enamel. Because it is literally made with charcoal pieces, its coarse texture could wear down and chip away at your protective enamel, leaving your teeth’s lower layers at risk. Over long-term use, this can cause permanent damage and increase sensitivity, because their protective barrier has been diminished. You’d also assume that because charcoal toothpaste is exactly that – a toothpaste – that you can use it twice a day, every day, right? Well, apparently not, as most manufacturers recommend you use it no more than 3 times a week, and only once on your chosen day. This isn’t always clear, so if it is used twice a day every day then your enamel erosion can greatly increase.

LED home teeth whitening is also another popular at-home treatment that has seen a rise across social media platforms like Instagram. It looks like a mouth guard with a big round button on the outside, so when you bite down on the teeth trays the button is on the outside of your lips. This button turns on the LED light that activates the gel that comes with the kit, whitening your teeth. However, manufacturers of these products use bleach in this gel, which is advised to not come into contact with your gums. This is difficult when considering you’re slathering it all over your teeth. Also, swallowing the whitening agent could result in a sore throat because of the bleach, which also seems unavoidable given that saliva run-off will be swallowed. This kind of teeth whitening doesn’t just create sensitive teeth, but sensitive gums and throat as well!

Teeth whitening that doesn’t cause sensitivity

Luckily, there is brand you can trust when it comes to teeth whitening that provides no sensitivity. The Enlighten tooth whitening system is arguably one of the most advanced, as it does not damage your protective enamel but instead works directly through it without harming the tooth surface, either. It works by increasing your teeth’s permeability to oxygen, which breaks down stain molecules. We offer a combination of Enlighten teeth whitening that sees a 2 week at-home whitening treatment completed before a visit to the dentist for an in-office treatment.

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