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18th August 2015

Give Your Smile A Makeover With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Kent at Roseacre Cottage Dental can be a great way to makeover your smile, especially if you have a restricted budget for cosmetic dental work. Although off-the-shelf dental whitening products exist, the professional teeth whitening products used by dentists tend to offer more noticeable and lasting results.

Teeth whitening in Kent with Opalescence

Opalescence is our teeth whitening treatment of choice. The product works by removing the ‘extrinsic’ stains, i.e. the ones on the outside of your teeth, and the ‘intrinsic’ stains, e.g. the stains that sit in the microscopic cracks within your tooth enamel as well as in the dentine underneath.
Opalescence gels contain an active whitening ingredient that can penetrate your enamel to get to as many discoloured molecules as possible. The oxygen molecules from the whitening agents react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth, breaking the down and whitening your smile.
We find that the Opalescence system, which is applied as an in-office whitening procedure by one of our experienced dentists, can help reduce sensitivity and tooth decay, as well as strengthening your enamel.

The benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are popular because they can immediately improve the appearance of your teeth. Although it’s a trick of the light, just having teeth that are a few shades whiter can help them to look straighter and downplay the appearance of any flaws.
Whiter teeth also tend to be associated with youth and good health, so this treatment can go a long way towards rejuvenating your appearance.
If you have a budget for your treatment, teeth whitening in Kent is certainly at a lower price point than veneers, which are another commonly used method for whitening smiles. Where teeth whitening treatments tend to appeal is that that they are completely non-invasive.
We often find that patients choose to finish off other cosmetic dental treatments with a teeth whitening procedure, or they opt for tooth whitening before having a colour-matched restoration fitted. There’s no doubt that teeth whitening can be the perfect complement to most dental treatments – the icing on the cake after orthodontic treatment or to enhance a dental bridge or dental implants.

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