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28th September 2020

Our Teeth Whitening Secrets

Teeth whitening is one of the top cosmetic dental treatments in the UK, and it’s no surprise – the procedure can make you appear younger, boost your confidence and even encourage you to take better care of your smile (goodbye, staining foods!).

Whitening treatment can sometimes get a bad rep but it’s worth remembering that only those registered with the GDC – General Dental Council – can carry out the treatment.   
Our Maidstone dental practice has the tips, tricks, treats and tools you need to get your smile looking and feeling its best and brightest, so read on to see what our Dentists have to share about this incredible procedure…

1) Elevate your results

If you have a professional clean ahead of your whitening treatment, you’ll get even better, brighter results. That’s because a clean with our Dentists or Hygienists can help lift staining and clear away plaque and tartar, giving a better ‘starting surface’ before treatment.

2) Prolong your teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening should last in the long term, but of course, your lifestyle and diet can affect how bright and brilliant they are. Our Dentists’ advice is to:

– Avoid anything that may cause staining (including drinks and smoking)
– Keep on top of the dental care (and check-ups!)
– Ensure you brush your teeth, or swill with water, if you do eat and drink staining consumables  Of
– Help ‘top up’ teeth with a whitening toothpaste

woman with teeth whitening in maidstone, kent pointing at teeth

3) Try a smile makeover 

Teeth whitening could be the ‘cherry on the cake’ to another treatment you’ve had with us, further boosting your results and confidence. For instance, many patients who have undergone teeth straightening request teeth whitening at the end, to give their smile a lift.

4) Be wary of restorations

Work like crowns, veneers, bridges, or other dental appliances can’t be brightened through whitening treatment – so it’s a good idea to get your teeth whitening treatment carried out first, so your appliances can then be colour-matched to your brighter smile.   

5) Check medications

Sometimes, medications can affect teeth. If in doubt, discuss it with your Doctor. It’s also possible to stain teeth with too much fluoride, the mineral that helps prevent tooth decay, such as through supplement use.

Of course, there are lots of other things you need to know about whitening treatment and plenty of other tips and tricks up your sleeve. If you’re interested in the treatment, why not get in touch?

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