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10th January 2017

Dental Bridges vs Dental Crowns

The Mirror newspaper reported that approximately 27 million adults in the UK have a tooth missing. How many of them feel self-conscious about it, do you think? Given that we’re hard-wired to view a full set of teeth as an attractive feature, it’s likely the vast majority of those who have suffered tooth loss have felt self-conscious about it at some point. Those, whose lack of teeth has contributed to a deterioration in clear speech or ability to eat normally, probably feel even more embarrassed about the effects their teeth have had on their appearance.
There’s no need to put up with the reduced confidence losing a tooth often causes. Natural-looking replacement teeth are easy to insert, long-lasting and are beneficial for protecting other teeth. We provide patients with crowns and bridges all the time, here at our Maidstone dental practice. With new and restored teeth in place, you’ll be able to smile widely and with confidence, whenever a camera lens is pointed your way. Let’s look at the differences between dental bridges and dental crowns.

Dental crowns

When your tooth has fallen out, a dental implant can take its place to fill the gap. On top of the dental implant is a crown or tooth implant that is matched to the rest of your teeth, to ensure a seamless set of discrete teeth. The implant itself acts as a root, is made of titanium and surgically placed in your mouth in such a way to help it fuse with your jawbone. This is the best way to provide yourself with a permanent replacement tooth that won’t fall out unexpectedly, won’t make unpleasant noises and won’t need to be removed at night time.
Crowns are also used to cover, protect and strengthen teeth that are so badly damaged, only a little of the natural tooth remains. Your natural tooth won’t have to be removed and your smile will remain intact.

Dental bridges

Dental crowns are placed on top of single, damaged teeth to give you a new, more aesthetically flattering tooth. Bridges are used to give you a tooth where a tooth no longer exists. Crowns are placed over the teeth adjacent to the gap in your mouth, where a tooth or some teeth once were. The bridge holds a crown or some crowns in place to fill the toothless gap with natural-looking teeth. They will act like natural teeth, helping you bite and chew, as well as giving you a more pleasing smile.
To have crowns or bridges fitted, your teeth will need to prepared and shaped in advance. Here, at our Maidstone practice, our professional dentists will be able to advise you as to the details of the process, as well as which sort of treatment will suit you best. Why not give us a call to book a consultation? After an informal chat with our team, you’ll feel much happier, knowing the possibilities that exist to restore your smile.

To get yourself book in for either of these treatments, please get in touch today with one of the lovely members of our team.