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29th November 2016

How we can improve your smile?

What aspects of your smile do you wish you could change? What do you scrutinise in the mirror as you brush your teeth? Perhaps one of your teeth has an unsightly stain on it? Perhaps your teeth are yellow and you feel people are judging you, but you can’t bear to give up coffee and tea?

Surveys have shown that one third of us are unhappy with our smiles, so it’s entirely possible there’s a feature of your smile you’d like to alter and we can help. Maybe that tooth you chipped has always annoyed you, but you never got round to fixing it? Or, maybe your big concern is your lips – you’d like them to be fuller, more luscious and more youthful looking?

Here at the Roseacre Dental practice in Maidstone we offer a comprehensive smile makeover service. Whatever it is about your smile you wish you could change, we can provide a solution. Here’s an overview of the different ways in which we can help give you a more attractive smile, boost your confidence in your looks and increase your chance of getting promoted at work, or being successful in life. 

Hygienist Appointments 

Hygiene and good dental health – It’s  difficult to smile sincerely if you have a toothache, you’re worried about your bad breath or the fact your gums are swollen. If you have any concerns about the health of your teeth or gums, you might simply need to visit our hygienist to have plaque or tartar removed. A scale and polish which will clean up your teeth and if more extensive work is required, such as a filling, we can offer discreet tooth-coloured fillings which are virtually invisible.

Veneers and Crowns 

Does the fact that your teeth are broken or chipped bother you? Veneers and crowns are a great cosmetic solution to damaged teeth. The problem tooth will be restored to look like an entirely natural and healthy tooth.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening 

Discoloured or heavily stained teeth can be made significantly brighter in a natural-looking way with tooth whitening treatment in Maidstone. Our whitening treatment not only helps to reduce the yellow, dull appearance of your teeth, it also helps to give you a new lease of confidence. With those pearly whites, you’ll definity be making a great first impression. 

Lip Fillers

Fuller lips can be provided by having dermal fillers injected safely and effectively into the lips and lip borders. Our experienced practitioner, Rebecca, will administer the treatment to give you the lip shape and size you specified during your consultation. Whether you’re wanting a natural looking enhancement or you want that celebrity pout, we at Roseacre Dental Care can help you out. 

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

If you can see facial lines are having an impact on your smile, you might like to try our anti-wrinkle treatment, which will relax facial muscles to prevent contractions and smooth over lines and wrinkles. Your appearance will be subtly rejuvenated to make you look younger in an entirely natural way.

There are many ways to improve the attractiveness of your smile and we are experts in many of them. To find out which treatment will be most suitable for you, why not give our friendly and professional team a call to book a consultation with us? We look forward to speaking to you and providing you with any advice you may need.