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8th July 2020

Taking Children To The Dentist

There’s nothing more precious in life than our children – and nothing more important than their health. When it comes to looking after our children’s teeth, there’s a lot we can help with, here at our dental practice in Maidstone.

With care led by our expert Dental Hygienist, we can look after smiles great and small and help ensure your kids develop good habits that will stick with them throughout their lifetime.

It’s all about the technique

You can brush all you like – but it won’t make a difference unless you do it properly! We know kids can be reluctant to brush, or don’t always brush effectively – or for long enough! So ensuring they know what they’re doing, how, and how long for, is so important.
Thankfully, our skilled Dental Hygienists can help, talking your child through everything from how to grip their toothbrush, to how much pressure to apply to their teeth, through to which areas they may need to concentrate on.

Keep an eye on cavities

Tooth decay is everyone’s worst nightmare – and it can be especially unsettling for children, who aren’t always aware of how sensitive and delicate our teeth are. Our Dental Hygienists will work with parents to help educate children on what can happen if they don’t follow a good dental routine – as in severe cases, tooth decay can lead to infections and even tooth loss.

Start early, visit often

Many parents aren’t sure about the right age for taking their child to the dentist. Our Dental Hygienists recommend starting early – perhaps around a year of age – and visiting a couple of times a year. Of course, if there are any indications of problems, the visits may be scheduled more regularly.

Make it fun

Children engage with things more readily if it’s fun – and never underestimate the power of the novelty factor! Get kids interested early with colourful brushes they can choose themselves, their timer, or an electric brush that’s as fun to use as it is effective. Reward with stickers and give lots of positive reinforcement, and always lead by example – if your routine is a bit lax, or you’re fearful of the dentist, your children may not be as easily encouraged.

Book your children in with our dental hygienists

Get in touch with our expert team of dentists today at our Maidstone dental practice, and book your child in for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you soon!