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26th May 2017

How teeth implants can boost your confidence

Having teeth missing is embarrassing. Whether you’ve lost teeth as a result of poor dental health, accident or injury, it’s likely that when others spot you don’t have a full set of pearly whites, they’ll assume you didn’t look after them properly. People are quick to judge and it’s not pleasant to suspect that some may be casting aspersions on your character because there is a gap in your smile.

Here at our dental practice in Maidstone, Kent, we are experts in restoring smile confidence. We know exactly how easy and how common it is to lose teeth and we have a great solution to this problem; dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent prosthetic teeth, which are placed into your jaw by an experienced implantologist. You can’t remove them like you can with traditional dentures, they are secure and durable, making eating and talking fuss-free. Dental implants in Maidstone are crafted to look and feel like the real thing. This means that when people look at your smile, it won’t appear to them that you’ve had a prosthetic fitted. 

Consisting of two parts; a titanium root and a natural looking crown that has been created to fit flawlessly into your own set of teeth, the root will anchor the implant securely in place, while the crown can be used to help you speak more clearly, chew your food with more ease and give you the confidence to smile widely whenever the mood takes you.

Dental implant supported dentures

Dental implants don’t have to just replace a single tooth. They can be used as an anchor for bridges containing numerous artificial teeth. As few as 4 to 6 dental implants will provide you with enough support to receive a full set of permanent dentures. Your dentist in Maidstone will be able to show you how to clean them thoroughly and look after them. Although, as long as you brush and floss twice a day like you should with your existing teeth, your dental implants will stay in tip-top condition. 

Can anyone have dental implants?

Most people are considered for dental implants, but the healthier your jawbone is, the easier the procedure will be. The higher the quality of your jawbone, the more likely you are to have a less invasive procedure to place the implant in your gum.

As the jawbone needs to be stimulated by teeth (or implants) in order not to atrophy, the moment you start losing teeth, you risk the deterioration of your jawbone. The sooner you can get to your Kent dental practice following tooth loss, the less stressful it will be having implants fitted. If you’d like us to take a look at your teeth with a view to fitting an implant, please get in touch.