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20th December 2016

The Advantages of Six Month Smile Braces

Do you wish you felt happier about how your front teeth look? Perhaps they stick out a little too far, making them too prominent? Maybe they overlap slightly, causing you to get food stuck in them, making your teeth the reason why you always try to avoid spinach? Whatever the aesthetic problem you have with the ‘social 6’ teeth at the front of your mouth, our professional orthodontist here at our Maidstone practice will be able to provide a solution.
As the length of treatment time is a major consideration for those looking to have their teeth straightened, we recommend and fit the extremely effective braces. As their name would suggest, the average treatment time is just 6 months; in 6 months, your front teeth could be perfectly straight and your smile-confidence through the roof! In some cases, it’s possible to straighten teeth fully in just 4 months!

About Six Month Smiles treatment in Maidstone

Six Month Smiles braces consist of translucent brackets, which are bonded to the front teeth and a tooth-coloured wire that is passed through them. The wire exerts a gentle but firm pressure to move your teeth into a more flattering position.
Given their discreet nature, it’s likely few people will even notice you’re having tooth straightening treatment. Potentially within 4 months, your treatment will be complete and your smile significantly improved.
Whilst wearing the braces you’ll be expected to visit us here in Maidstone regularly, so that we can ensure your teeth are being correctly guided by the Six Month Smiles device. Once the treatment is complete, the brackets and wire will be removed and your teeth will be cleaned to remove any food deposits and give you a brighter smile.
Your teeth may feel slightly more sensitive for a few days following the brace removal and you’ll be advised to stick to soft foods initially, until you get used to the sensation of not wearing the brace any more. What you’ll probably then find, is that you can’t stop looking at your teeth in the mirror. Many of our orthodontic patients report that they’re so pleased with the results, that they can’t stop smiling at themselves and others!
With your perfect new smile in place, you won’t need to shy away from the camera lens, or worry that your promotion at work is on hold because your boss doesn’t like your teeth! (Studies have shown that this happens frequently. How attractive your teeth are, can actually have an effect on your career!)
If you’re ready to talk about how soon you can be enjoying your beautiful new smile, please get in touch. Our Maidstone-based team will be happy to advise you on our next available appointment times and provide you with any answers you may need to your Six Month Smiles and orthodontic questions. Please give us a call.