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15th April 2015

3 Ways Orthodontics Are Good For Your Physical And Emotional Wellbeing

If you’re currently exploring your options when it comes to orthodontics in Maidstone, it’s likely that your main priority is to improve the appearance of your teeth.
Many patients that come to us for orthodontics in Maidstone are often unaware that having straighter teeth can boost their overall health in some pretty significant ways. Here’s how:


The number one reason that people want orthodontic treatment is because they want a better-looking smile. Everywhere we look there are media images of people with beautiful, straight smiles, and having crooked, misaligned or widely spaced teeth can be very damaging in terms of your self-image, self-esteem and confidence.

When you have straighter teeth, it gives you the confidence to greet everyone with a smile, instead of hiding your teeth behind your hands or smiling with a closed mouth. You may also find yourself more prepared to speak in work or social situations, which can open doors to new opportunities and boost your emotional wellbeing even further.

In turn, feeling happy and self-confident can lower your heart rate, boost your immune system and keep stress hormones such as cortisol at a much lower level.
It’s not a stretch to say that orthodontic treatment really does change lives.

A healthier body

One of the disadvantages of having crooked teeth is that it can create small pockets in your gums that are vulnerable to plaque and tartar caused by trapped food. If you have crowded teeth, you may also find it hard to floss or even brush your teeth effectively.
These problems can lead to gum disease, which, if left untreated, can be associated with bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth and bone loss, an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, premature labour and low birth weight, and much more.
Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean, preventing some, if not all, of these problems and protecting your overall physical wellbeing.

Restored function

If your teeth are misaligned in any way, you may find yourself dealing with jaw pain, headaches, neck ache, and worn down teeth. You may even find you have to compensate for the alignment of your teeth by changing how you chew, and you may have noticed that the enamel on some of your teeth is becoming damaged. These problems can often be corrected with orthodontics.
When your teeth are in proper alignment, you will find it easier to bite and chew without causing any damage to the opposing teeth. Many people find that orthodontic treatment offers relief from a lifetime of unexplained headaches or facial pain.

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