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24th August 2016

Why dental implants could be the right choice for you?

Dental implants date back to ancient times. This we know thanks to a mummified Mayan woman, who was found to have a shell hammered into her mouth in place of a tooth. Even then people understood the benefits of having a full complement of teeth!  Luckily now however, we have much more sophisticated techniques of replacing teeth.
If you’ve lost a tooth and you’re considering your tooth replacement options, or perhaps you’re struggling to cope with your food or speech due to missing teeth, Roseacre Dental Practice in Kent can give you all the advice you need. We are implant experts and can provide you with permanently fixed artificial teeth that look and feel entirely natural.

What are dental implants?

Implants consist of a titanium root that is fitted into your jaw and topped with a natural looking, tooth-coloured crown. Once they have been placed, implants will remain permanently in your mouth helping you to bite, chew and speak more easily. There will, of course, be a period of time, directly after they’ve been placed, when you’ll need to get used to the feeling of having a tooth, where before you had a gap, but when you’ve got used to the sensation of having the implants in your mouth, they will feel like natural teeth. They’ll look like natural teeth too and will inevitably transform your smile.

How are implants fitted?

Before you have dental implants fitted at our Kent practice, you will first be assessed for suitability. Implants require a strong, healthy jawbone. Our implant specialist will need to examine your mouth before we can confirm you are a good candidate for them.
Once your suitability is confirmed, you will book an appointment for the fitting. A local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you and the implant will be fitted into your jaw. Once this has healed, a process which can take 3-6 months, a crown will be fitted. Implants are long-lasting and secure. They won’t fall out and they’re strong enough to be used as an anchor for a bridge or a set of dentures. As few as six dental implants are required to receive a new, secure set of non-movable dentures.

Additional benefits of dental implants:

  • They transform your smile.
  • Prevent the caved-in look that traditional denture-wearers often have, because implants support the muscles in your cheeks, just like natural teeth do, in order to prevent sagging around the lips.
  • Dental implants stop your other teeth from drifting in your mouth and causing you more dental problems.
  • They prevent wear and tear on the teeth either side of the gap, where you lost the original tooth.

If you’d like your smile back, a boost to your confidence and the chance to eat a larger variety of foods following tooth loss, please give our Kent team a call. They’ll be able to book you in for a consultation, advise you of our finance packages and answer any questions you might have about our implants.