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Explanation of how Dental Implants work

12th September 2022

You Asked: How Safe Are Dental Implants?

With any treatment – especially permanent ones – comes valid questions about safety, effectiveness and comfort. Dental implants are just one such treatment. These tooth implants involve placing false teeth into your gums and underlying jawbone as a way of reconstructing your smile and combatting tooth loss. But just how safe is treatment really? What are the risks? Is it right for you? Let’s get into the details.

Missing teeth come with their own risks

Before getting into specifics about tooth implants, let’s be clear: missing teeth can negatively impact your oral health, causing remaining teeth to shift and underlying gum and jaw bone to potentially regress. In other words, if you leave missing teeth untreated, you could be faced with future tooth loss and other concerns.

woman with dental implants in Maidstone, Kent

Dental implants are minimally invasive

Lots of patients ask us what the implantation surgery involves. With the word ‘surgery’, there’s an expectation that you’ll be operated on or have an extensive procedure (and recovery time). But, being minimally invasive, tooth implants only require a small incision, a tiny hole for insertion, and gentle screwing of the implant to place a tooth in a gap in a matter of minutes. The surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic for comfort, which means you won’t feel pain during the procedure but may be aware of what’s going on at the time.

Over 90% of dental implant treatment is a success

The numbers really don’t lie with tooth implants. Over 90% of people who have an implant placed enjoy a successful procedure. This can have a positive effect on healing and the longevity of the tooth implant.

Dental implants are nothing new

Dentists have been placing tooth implants for decades, which means there’s plenty of data on risks, drawbacks, cons and other areas of treatment. Yet, time and time again, figures show that these artificial teeth can last the rest of your life, and what’s more, will look natural and in-keeping with your smile.

We’re here to help

Our Maidstone dentists carry out countless dental implant treatments every year. These false teeth are an incredible procedure that gives people back their smile, their confidence and the functionality of their teeth – meaning you can live life to the full once again. Whether you’re missing teeth due to poor oral care, an accident or injury, or an illness or medication, we’ll do all we can to restore and rejuvenate your smile. Get in touch to start your tooth implant journey today.