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28th February 2018

3 reasons why you might need an orthodontist

Ever wondered what the difference between an orthodontist and dentist is? An orthodontist is a dentist who primarily deals with tooth alignment. If your teeth look crooked and could be made more attractive by having braces fitted, then an orthodontist from our Maidstone practice would be able to help.
Sometimes knowing whether you need a dentist or an orthodontist is not as obvious as it might appear. There are a number of conditions that will get you referred from the doctor or dentist, to an orthodontist, who is more likely to find a suitable solution. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why an orthodontist may be your next port of call.
1. Are you unnecessarily exposing yourself to an increased risk of tooth decay by having a tooth alignment that encourages the trapping of food? Food deposits that are left on the teeth after brushing are what cause tooth decay. Straighter teeth have fewer hard to reach surfaces and are less likely to trap food deposits. If your tooth alignment promotes unhealthy teeth, it would be wise to seek help from an orthodontist.
2. Are you suffering from headaches or jaw pain and you’re not sure why? It could be because your bite is out of alignment. There are many variations of bite problems. An overbite is when the top row of teeth overhang the lower row and an underbite is the opposite. Braces will fix these problems and alleviate the head and jaw pain.
3. If your teeth are overcrowded, overlapping, protruding, or have large gaps between them, then braces can improve the look of them and as a consequence, give you a more attractive smile. We have some very experienced braces providers here at our orthodontist practice in Maidstone.
When you book a consultation with us, we’ll go over your braces options with you in order to help you select a suitable system that will make your smile more attractive and resolve any orthodontic pain you may be experiencing. Please get in touch with our friendly Roseacre team here in Maidstone to take those initial steps towards straighter teeth.