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Can Anyone Have Invisalign Braces

6th December 2021

Can Anyone Have Invisalign Braces?

Interested in Invisalign? Then you’ve taken a first step on your teeth straightening journey – researching more about the treatment. We’re a highly successful general and cosmetic dentist located in Maidstone and Invisalign braces is one of our most popular aesthetic treatments, so we’re well-placed to talk you through what’s involved. Here are the kinds of cases Invisalign can help to treat.

1) Bite problems

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect bite many of us have at least a degree of overbite. Most dentists agree that the top teeth can overlap the bottom set anywhere in the region of 5-25%, but any more than this can cause problems for your smile. Of course, it’s not just overbite that can affect your teeth; underbite (bottom setting protruding), crossbite (a mix of overbite and underbite) and open bite (a bite that doesn’t close) are other examples of treatable causes.

2) Pain

Headaches? Sore jaw? Pain in the ears? All of these could be linked to the position of your teeth and your bite in general, though it’s recommended you rule out any medical concerns with your GP first. One condition – TMJ, or Temporomandibular disorder – might leave you feeling stiffness in your jaw, temples or ears, or you might notice a clicking, popping or grinding noise when you move your jaw or chew. While TMJ can clear up on its own, it can lead to problems like lockjaw, and the pain and inconvenience could affect eating, sleeping and other activities.

woman putting in Invisalign braces in Maidstone, Kent

3) Tooth and gum wear

Chips, cracks and worn teeth – and swollen, red and sore gums – can be a sign that your teeth aren’t lining up properly, indicating a potential bite problem. Not only does this mean you could end up having your affected teeth extracted, but gum erosion can cause your healthy teeth to become loose and even fall out. And, it’s also possible that damage to your teeth could also affect the soft tissues in your mouth.

4) Oral health

Finding it hard to clean in the small nooks and crannies between your teeth? Or, are you finding the opposite – a gappy smile is making it easy for food and bacteria to build up and risk tooth decay? Having the right spacing between your teeth can make it easier to clean your smile and keep your teeth in top condition.

5) Appearance

Of course, some people opt for treatment purely because they’re looking for straighter teeth, or want to appear more youthful or attractive. Whatever the reasons, we can help.

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