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20th January 2022

Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

Studies have shown that symmetrical faces are generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than asymmetrical ones. While most people use braces to improve their smile, the realignment of your teeth and jaws will inevitably have a subtle effect on the overall shape of your face, increasing symmetry by bringing things into alignment. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked about wearing a brace.

Will a brace change my face shape?

Yes, but only in a subtle way – you’ll still look like you! If you have a brace to correct an overbite, for example, the realignment can affect how your jaw sits, which naturally alters the shape of your face. Alignment results in increased symmetry, and symmetry through straight teeth is good!  

Can braces fix a lisp?

In some cases, yes. If a lisp is caused by a gap between the upper and lower teeth, and a brace is used to close that gap, then it will help! It’s best to remember, however, that there are many causes of speech impediments. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Will a brace change the shape of my nose?

Braces are primarily designed to change the shape of jaws and help with straight teeth, but shifts in the jawline can subtly alter the angle between your lips and nose, affecting the face and skin. To be realistic, we’re only talking about minimal alterations, in harmony with the realigned shape of your mouth.

Will a brace change the shape of my lips?

The lips rest on the teeth and gums, so any realignment will naturally affect them. They won’t be plumper or larger, but they could sit more comfortably against your teeth.

How does a brace change the shape of the teeth and jaws?

Braces work by applying pressure to the periodontal ligament – the fibrous tissue

that connects each tooth to the jawbone. Every type of brace applies this pressure, and your body responds by producing bone growth, remodelling the shape of the jaw.

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Does it work for everyone?

The older you are, the less your body is inclined towards tissue generation. Though braces can be used to correct any smile, they are most effective in the young. If you are an adult and are considering braces, click here to find out more.

Are the changes from braces permanent?

Yes, in as much as the braces have resulted in alterations to the teeth and jawbone. This is particularly noticeable in teenage or young patients.

Will wearing a brace make me more attractive?

In the purely aesthetic sense, this is possible. The correction of a large overbite can, for example, flatten the area around the mouth and lips, and the realignment of a large underbite can give you a stronger jawline. Any alteration to the jaws and teeth will have its echo in the face, enhancing symmetry.

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