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9th September 2016

Improve your smile in Kent

Recruitment companies have long known the difference a great smile can make in the workplace. Leading global employment agency,Recruiter, published an article last year on how simply smiling at your employer can get you hired or promoted. According to the article the act of smiling:

  • Adds levity during a job interview and gives you an edge over the other candidates
  • Can calm a tense room and reduce fear
  • Gives you more authority and makes people more likely to trust you

If you’re embarrassed about your own smile and feel it’s blocking your confidence and holding you back at work, or in many other situations, don’t worry. Here at the Roseacre practice in Kent, we can fix just about any tooth-related smile problem. Here are just a few common complaints that we can easily correct.

Broken teeth in Kent

Chipped or cracked teeth can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Nobody wants the people they communicate with to focus on their dental imperfections, just as few people want to tell the story of how they fell down the stairs after a lively night out, or how their little brother threw a cricket ball at their teeth when they were 9 over and over again.

Veneers or crowns, which are colour-matched to your teeth will not only give you a perfect smile once again, but will also protect your vulnerable tooth from further damage.

Whiter Teeth in Kent

Teeth become discoloured as we get older, this is caused by ageing and consuming staining foods throughout the years. Is your yellowing, grey or brownish smile the cause of your refusal to smile for the cameras? Here at our Kent practice we offer valuable tooth whitening treatment.

Using Enlighten Teeth whitening, we can lighten your teeth safely and effectively, targeting areas straight through the enamel without harming the tooth surface. The custom mouth trays we create are designed to suit you. This makes the treatment far more comfortable and predictable than the over-the-counter whitening kits you can buy.

Implants in Kent

If you’ve lost teeth in an accident, or through poor dental health, we can provide permanent replacements in the form of dental implants. You don’t have to put up with unattractive gaps that affect your speech and your smile.

Dental implants are roots that are buried into your jawbone, with a crown sitting on top. Tooth implants feel like natural teeth when you use them to chew your food, you clean them in the same way as your natural teeth and they look like them too.

Invisalign braces in Kent

Nothing affects your smile quite as significantly as teeth out of alignment. Many people with protruding or overcrowded teeth feel self conscious about them, but they don’t have to remain this way.

Invisalign braces focus on straightening the front social 6 teeth in your mouth quickly and effectively. Ultra clear brackets and tooth coloured wires push your teeth gently, but firmly, into straighter alignment in just 4-6 months. Following this orthodontic treatment, your teeth will be impressively straight.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve your smile and the treatment we provide is on an individual basis, according to your requirements. If you’d like to find out how our highly skilled and expert Kent-based team can work our magic on your teeth, please give us a call to book your initial consultation.