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10th February 2023

What Are The Best Ways To Maintain Dental Health On A Budget?

When it comes to your smile, it’s important to care for your dental health in the best way and to invest in treatment. It’s one way you can count on having a healthy smile for the long term – no matter your age or circumstances.

Today, our expert team in Maidstone are advising on how to care for your oral health on a shoestring budget. From tips on X to advice on Y, read on to find out more.

1. Invest in your dental health routine

It’s no good brushing and flossing ad-hoc, or forgetting to do it twice a day. You’ll need to commit to properly cleaning your mouth, teeth and gums if you want to avoid complications and costly treatments further down the line. Two minutes of brushing and flossing twice a day, followed by periods using mouthwash, can help prevent decay and infection.

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2. Use appropriate products

One of the best things about modern dentistry is the range of products on offer, from sensitive toothpaste that prevent annoying twinges and tingles, to whitening aids that brighten your smile. There are even different kinds of tools for cleaning between the teeth, including dental floss, dental tape and interdental brushes. Making sure you’re using the right products can make all the difference, and it’s something we will happily help with.

3. Cut down on sugar

Whether it’s food, drink or a combination, sugar can really take its toll on our dental health, causing plaque to build up and even eating away at the tooth’s protective enamel surface – leaving you prone to developing cavities. Some of the most simple switches include chewing sugar-free gum and reducing how much sugar you add to drinks like teas and coffees, and of course limiting fizzy pop, which often has lots of sugar in it. Here in Maidstone, we can advise you on what might involve too much sugar, and advise you on healthier alternatives.

4. Stop smoking

If you smoke or vape, any dentist will recommend quitting, or at the very least cutting down. That’s because there are lots of chemicals and components in cigarette smoke that can affect your smile. Nicotine and tar have been linked to staining of the teeth, gum disease (and bone loss) can be caused by a build-up of plaque, and by restricting oxygen in the bloodstream, healing slows down completely. And that’s without mentioning oral cancers.

5. Visit your dentist about your dental health

Our Maidstone team will guide you on how regularly you should visit the dentist, but if it’s been a while, why not schedule a check-up today Our experts can spot signs of infection and disease; advise on dental health, from toothpaste to your oral care routine; and provide a professional scale and polish that gets those teeth shining.