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22nd June 2018

Wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers: your questions answered

Smiling with our attentively cared for teeth makes us look and feel great, but what if this expression is giving us unwanted lines and wrinkles? Smile lines represent a life full of laughter, but what if they’re prematurely ageing you? At Roseacre Dental, we don’t just offer expert dental care but effective facial aesthetics through wrinkle help too. We can replenish and restore function to your mouth while also helping you feel comfortable in your skin through wrinkle reduction.

Our associate dentist Rebecca Heath has trained at The Royal College of Surgeons to provide wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers. This means we can improve the appearance of your teeth through treatments such as teeth whitening, and the appearance of your skin through injectable aesthetics.

Let us answer all of your questions about wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers in Kent.

What are anti-wrinkle injections and how do they work?

Anti-wrinkle injections use a protein to relax expressive facial muscles by injection. Since its first cosmetic FDA approval in 1989, followed by further approval in 2002, it has become an effective and safe way to soften the premature signs of ageing. It works by blocking some of the signals from the brain that compress the muscles, causing the skin above to crinkle. It is regulated, perfectly safe, and widely used all over the world for wrinkle reduction.

What is dermal filler and how does it work?

Dermal filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar in the body essential to skin firmness and volume. As we age we naturally lose collagen, so our skin becomes loose and saggy, sometimes giving us a hollow effect. Dermal filler is used in strategic points of the face to replenish lost volume in the area, adding contour, structure, and a more youthful appearance.

Which areas of the face can anti-wrinkle injections treat?

Anti-wrinkle injections are used mostly in the upper face to soften expressive lines. We can safely reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines, and forehead lines by relaxing the muscles. Besides wrinkle reduction, this treatment has many medical uses too.

Which areas can dermal fillers treat?

Dermal fillers are most popularly used in the lips and cheeks, but they’re also effective at rebalancing the face. As well as adding volume, they can contribute to facial structure when used in the chin, and correct bumps in the nose. This is known as the non-surgical rhinoplasty. Dermal fillers can also be used for wrinkle reduction is areas with sagging skin. When this sagging skin creates folds, dermal fillers replenish the lost volume to plump the loose skin.

How long will my anti-wrinkle injection results last?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a simple treatment that takes as little as 20 minutes but lasts as long as 6 months. After this, repeat appointments are required in order to maintain your results. It’s non-surgical and relatively painless, most patients only feeling very mild discomfort at the injection site.

How long will my results achieved by dermal filler last?

Results achieved with dermal filler last between 4-6 months. We find that results vary from patient to patient because of the sugar’s structure. Because it is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, the dermal fillers’ hyaluronic acid can be broken down by the body. If you love your results and would like to maintain them, you’ll need to visit our Kent dental practice again to ‘top up’.

Can anyone have wrinkle reduction and aesthetic treatments?

This varies from patient to patient too, however most patients are suitable for these treatments. To discuss a treatment that you are considering, find out your options, or simply have some questions answered, you can always book a free 20 minute consultation with us.

Wrinkle reduction with Botox and volume added by dermal filler is safe, reliable, and produces exceptional results. In the trained and capable hands of our dentist Rebecca Heath, your aesthetic treatment will rejuvenate and refresh your target areas. Get in touch today on 01622 730 548 to book your free initial consultation.