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9th December 2014

Do you suffer from dental fear?

Does dental fear stop you getting the treatment you need?

Searching for a compassionate and caring dentist can be a difficult task for nervous patients, some people are so frightened that they avoid visiting the dentist altogether.

Our philosophy at Roseacre Cottage Dental is to help our patients to overcome their fears by:

  • Taking time to listen to your concerns and talking you through your treatment needs
  • Providing patients with a calm environment
  • Provide pain free dentistry
  • Offer Sedation for peace of mind
  • Give you confidence to know that you are in control

How Roseacre Dental Practice supports nervous patients

Our highly-trained dentists in Maidstone aim for all our clients to feel as confident and comfortable as possible during their dental treatments. We allow our patients to meet our team before they book their appointment so they can visit our periodic practice. Our dentists ensure their patients feel at ease when they come for their treatments and consultation through carrying out are all unhurried and thorough, ensuring you have plenty of time to make an informed decision about their treatment. Most importantly, our dentist’s main priority is to ensure we have our patient’s trust and they are comfortable.

nervous patient at roseacre dental practice in maidston

How do I start?

Our dentist Lyndsey Beecroft is especially skilled in treating anxious patients and offers a sedation service to help eliminate your anxiety during your dental treatment. Come and meet Lyndsey and her team and have a chat about how we can help you to overcome your fear and what to expect during your visits to our Maidstone dental practice.

Please call a member of our reception team on 01622 730548 or fill in our contact page to arrange a consultation.