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7th March 2022

Foods To Avoid For Stained Teeth

Want to know how to keep your teeth sparkling white? Or are your teeth slowly going dull or yellow, and you’re wondering whether your diet has something to do with it? Whatever the cause for your stained teeth, we’d love to help. Today, our expert team of dentists based in Maidstone can advise you on all things pearly white, keeping you smiling for longer.

1. Red wine

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice red wine now and then. But with a combination of acids, natural dyes and tannin (acidic chemical compounds), you might spot your teeth discolouring after just a couple of glasses. Over time, this can become more permanent.

2. Coffee and tea

Again, the tannins in these hot drinks can lead to staining. That’s because the acidity wears away your tooth enamel. Many regular tea and coffee drinkers can be left with yellow-looking teeth, though those who add milk to their drink sometimes offset this staining.

3. Cola

Whether it’s coke, a Pepsi or something in between, these fizzy friends combine dark colouring with acid to wear away your smile.

4. Juice

You might think that juices and smoothies are pretty good for you – especially will all those vitamins and minerals. In reality, darker juices can subject your teeth to staining – especially if you regularly drink them. Read more about drinks to avoid here.

5. Condiments

From soy sauce to balsamic vinegar, and even ketchup or tomato-based sauces, this tricky trio all have dark pigmentation that can mark your teeth even after you’ve finished your meal.

Thankfully, whatever the cause of your staining, there is a solution!

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Book regular dental check-ups for your stained teeth

Your dentist can examine the condition of your smile, carry out cleaning and brightening when needed, and even book you for treatments like teeth whitening or composite bonding (for the odd dull tooth).

Watch what you eat (and drink)

Now you know about these staining foods and drinks, you can be savvier about what you consume – and how much. Cutting down can make all the difference for your smile!

Look at your lifestyle

Do you smoke, alongside these eating and drinking habits? Smoking can tarnish your teeth over time, too – as well as negatively affect your oral (and wider) health.

Clean after eating

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you regularly brush your teeth – a minimum of twice a day for two minutes a time – and particularly after eating or drinking these items.

Book your stained teeth for a sparkling smile

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